There’s the iconic Halong Bay, the sparkling turquoise seas and curving shores of Phu Quoc, spectacular views at Tam Coc, the banyan-strewn colonial roadways of Hanoi, and a lot of other activities observe

There’s the iconic Halong Bay, the sparkling turquoise seas and curving shores of Phu Quoc, spectacular views at Tam Coc, the banyan-strewn colonial roadways of Hanoi, and a lot of other activities observe

And you also know very well what? Vietnam is pretty damn secure these days. Issued, we’re not too sure about its highway protection. This country try infamous for your millions of motorcycles that madly make their means through the locations and towns every single day. There’s a little bit of petty theft to contend with, too.

But you shouldn’t be concerned at all. We’ve generated this epic insiders guide on staying safer in Vietnam to be able to truly enter the nitty-gritty of the Southeast Asian jewel. We’re exactly about smart vacation on Broke Backpacker, and thought you should be also!

We’re likely to be looking into a lot of safety issues regarding going to Vietnam. Whether or not it’s safer to-drive in Vietnam, as much as possible properly eat the foodstuff, even although you can visit with young children. Vietnam in totality is included here.

You are considering bringing the leap and happening a backpacking travel for the first time, you may be seeking a safe resort traveling around as a lady solo traveller – whatever you are really preparation, the insider’s guidelines is focused on discovering Vietnam… safely!

  • Just how Protected try Vietnam? (our very own simply take)
  • Is Vietnam Protected to Visit At This Time?
  • Safest Locations in Vietnam
  • 17 best Safety suggestions for planing a trip to Vietnam
  • Is Vietnam safer to visit by yourself?
  • Are Vietnam safe for solamente feminine vacationers?
  • Much more about Security in Vietnam
  • FAQ about Staying Safe in Vietnam
  • Thus, is Vietnam Protected?

Exactly how Secured is Vietnam? (our very own simply take)

Vietnam is actually a traditional resort regarding the “Banana Pancake Trail”, the well-trodden backpacker course through Southeast Asia. The traditions was radiant, the real history is fascinating, the urban centers is crazy, character is actually spectacular, and the ones coastlines… WOW.

We’re going to come out and state it, Vietnam is safe for people. Huge numbers of people every year go to the united states – and progressively besides intrepid backpackers! Couples on a lengthy holiday, retired people, groups; a number of folks are going to Vietnam.

Vietnam really does have problems with some conditions that tend to be endemic of poorer nations. Petty theft tends to be something, particularly in Saigon, nonetheless it really keeps an extremely lower criminal activity price. Cons is likely to be usual, nevertheless worst which prone to happen is your bag, cellphone or tablet getting grabbed by a scooter-riding thief.

Thereon mention, the highways, generally, aren’t all of that as well as motor-related fatalities tend to be more usual than anything else.

Was Vietnam Secured to consult with Right Now?

Yep – Vietnam is completely safer to go to. Let’s only say the rates speak on their own. Everybody else is apparently visiting Vietnam today.

If you’re interested in learning the country, looking for a good starting point a Southeast Asia trip, or it’s the first travel travel alone, Vietnam is an excellent first-time destination for solo travellers.

About those highways though… Road-related fatalities destroy more and more people than illnesses in Vietnam. That’s around 14,000 visitors annually. It’s the 3rd highest price of road-related deaths in Asia, behind Thailand and Iran. Fairly major.

To get reasonable, roughly 59% associated with inhabitants get around on motorbikes. Trust united states, you’ll read these in Vietnam. Biking tends to be fun however it can be a very hazardous method to travelling (much more about that afterwards).

Want to Travel FOREVER??

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Vietnam are a one-party communist state, which will be things you should know of. The Vietnamese government represses no-cost speech and censors many discussion. Journalists Without boundaries position Vietnam as 175 out-of 180 region in terms of newspapers versatility.

In addition, young people here are open-minded, experienced and thrilled to make friends. We’ve came across a number of Vietnamese natives over all of our trip causing all of are usually completely regular and much more Westernized than we envisioned.

About politics, simply keep away – don’t try regional problems.

Vietnam Travel Insurance

Do you need Travel Insurance to suit your travel? No matter if you’re best opting for a couple of days, that’s more than enough time for you become smote by wrathful angels. Enjoy in Vietnam, but go from all of us, overseas health care bills and terminated routes tends to be honestly high priced – insurance policies can, consequently, end up being a life-saver.

Travel mishaps can and do result and is well worth contemplating insurance policies before you leave the house.

We’ve put industry Nomads for years now and I also has really generated a few reports. Why-not have a quote from their store your self?

Create definitely check the conditions and terms to ensure that the policy addresses your requirements.

Acquiring an estimate from industry Nomads is not difficult – follow on the key or graphics down the page, fill out the required tips, and you’re on the road!

When you need to check around a tiny bit, after that review competing travel insurance providers and whatever can provide. There are several insurances on the market, very don’t think minimal.

Safest Spots in Vietnam

When choosing in which you’ll feel staying in Vietnam, a bit of research and extreme caution is really important. Your don’t want to end in a sketchy place and ruin your vacation. To assist you, we’ve listed the best markets to consult with in Vietnam below.


While the contemporary money of Vietnam, Hanoi will be the main gateway into country in addition to first place most travelers will go to upon arrival. Hanoi possess a considerable records that provides subscribers the opportunity to read about the Vietnam conflict, colonial rule and old records in the region.

Hanoi try ranked among leading spots on earth! It provides a fantastic a review of anything Vietnam provides, and then we would dispute truly necessary discover on any schedule moving around Southeast Asia.

The popularity and system development renders Hanoi escort services in Meridian the safest city in Vietnam.

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