At JWMotorworks we are frequently asked for a price for a service but what does this really mean? To some it is simply a requirement to change the engine oil and oil filter, to others a requirement to comply with manufacturers recommendations and again to others irrespective of manufacturers requirements or the vehicles mileage and age a change to all of the fluids (engine, hydraulic and gearbox) and all of the filters (fuel filter, oil filter, air filter and cabin filter ). It is important to remember that every car manufacturer will require an engine oil specific to the vehicles make and model, something we always comply with and will not compromise. More importantly through our arrangements with LIQUI MOLY we can, as part of your service requirements, provide a wide range of additives to protect your engine, reduce your fuel consumption and save you cash. LIQUI MOLY additives clean the engine from the inside, minimise friction and wear, reduce oil consumption and protect against corrosion. They are suitable for petrol and diesel engines and keep the entire fuel system clean while guaranteeing optimum combustion and compression together with increasing the life span of the engine, thereby benefitting your wallet and also the environment. JWMotorworks will always discuss your specific servicing requirements with you and obtain your authorisation before carrying out any work. As part of any servicing request we will, as a matter of course, inspect brake discs and pads, lights, Suspension, Steering, windscreen washers and wipers, tyre condition and pressures and provide advice. So next time you require your car servicing why not discuss your requirements with us and benefit from peace of mind that you are providing the best possible maintenance for you vehicle at a competitive price without compromising the manufacturers warranty.

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