One particular pals have a lasting girlfriend, and she caught wind of those hearsay. It nearly ruined their particular relationship.” – Reddit user childfree_IPA

One particular pals have a lasting girlfriend, and she caught wind of those hearsay. It nearly ruined their particular relationship.” – Reddit user childfree_IPA

I smashed it off, then looked up an abilities I happened to be in after that year in school and arrived. Once the program ended, the guy waited to state heya (like friends and family would) right after which disrupted me while we met visitors to state ‘SO FOR THIS REASON YOU HAVE BEEN very BUSY’ right after which stormed around. He drove 35 mins, and sat through a 90-minute enjoy, for the.” – Reddit uesr malhibou

5. His house is full of blood-stained pillowcases.

“returned to their destination, apparently for intercourse, and also the pillowcases are tarnished with bloodstream. Place got filled up with empty beer cans. Four, I child your maybe not, four rusty, hair-filled razors within the bath (all were their — the guy existed alone). The sink is covered in hair and toothpaste. I found myself therefore disturbed. He then told me he’d a suspended license and a youngster he never met, and I also high-tailed it residence.” – Reddit consumer Smashed LaCroixCan

6. He mansplained.

” went along to seize lunch. The guy reviews on myself buying pizza pie in an Italian bistro. (I don’t frequently devour animal meat, merely veggie thing is pizza pie.) The guy feedback on me personally ingesting pizza pie with knife and shell. The guy comments on me personally not using enough makeup (only makeup, although we wore zero make-up in visibility pictures). We politely inquire about their jobs. He explains just what the guy really does as though he’s speaking with a 4 yr old, and even though he knows i am carrying out two-master qualifications and did Biology at my finals.

In the big date [he] held outlining items in my opinion as though i am in kindergarten. Does not ask something about myself but long monologues about himself. We decline acquiring another beverage and then leave. Dodge their hug and provide your a peck about cheek rather. Back at my way home I have a text asking basically’m sure I really don’t desire a kiss.” – Reddit consumer eCaisteal

7. He attempted to enroll his date to a pyramid program.

“once i bought my coffee, the guy straight away expected basically’d observe an instant movie on their laptop computer while I waited. It had been a 12 minute-long videos about their MLM [multi-level advertisements] getaway pub that has been ‘totally not a pyramid system.'” – Reddit user czechica

8. He was freely sexist.

“One man casually told me that women need to be escorted on supermarket so that they ‘keep their particular eyes on reward’ and ‘don’t invest like $200 on haphazard points’ (their real terminology). He then proceeded to explain the reason why he had been right about this and just why it’s not offending when I informed him that I didn’t value their statement.

Then he said about his years of emotional and bodily abuse by his daddy, in the course of time culminating in your being stabbed by their pops.

He also suggested we tune in to several their best podcasts by a Trump-supporting, feminist-hating misogynist.

On route residence (we offered him a trip because it is cold down and I also’m obviously a bleeding heart) he asked me personally easily would carry on a 14-hour journey that week-end with your (that would are all of our second date by the way). Tough no. Like. were you on the go out we just have?” – Reddit individual fuckmywagon

9. He raised relationships prematurely — and reacted badly when she was not involved with it.

“Met up via Tinder with someone from perform whom finished up speaing frankly about wedding very right after we started setting up.

When I ended seeing him (because of his clinginess and governmental leanings), their company at work had been it seems that upset using my decision and another of them began to distribute rumors that I’m sleep with all my male pals.

10. She attempted to deceive their day into creating a threesome.

” we fulfilled with this woman. We visited a bar for some beverages. We appear to be really striking it well. Next the woman sweetheart turns up. It turns out he really wants to posses a MFF threesome and so they got a Tinder account fully for her to find anybody. While I had gotten aggravated by this, both of them out of the blue have truly aggressive and pissy. They adopted me outside of the pub and attempted to enter into a taxi with me.” – Reddit individual DisloyalMouse

11. The guy wanted a reimbursement for his beverage.

” the guy simply seemed only a few there, although we happened to be on bar the guy kept inquiring us to describe what certain keywords I found myself using implied. The guy refused to remove his coating and awkwardly going swearing. However query us to return to their destination everytime we done a sip of my beverage. The following day I advised your I becamen’t into seeing your any longer, he then requested me for a refund of this beverage I agreed to pay for but he insisted on getting.” – Reddit user TriggeredQuilt

12. The guy punched out her windshield.

” a long time ago we went with some guy who have drink inebriated at Olive Garden and then in an inebriated craze punched the windshield out of my vehicle as I agreed to drive him residence because he was belligerent.” – Reddit user decentwriter

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