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They found Kol in a tavern where he drank and feasted on humans carelessly. Despite their warnings of Mikael’s impending arrival, Kol refused to flee, believing Mikael was only after Klaus and that they could just leave him and he’d be fine. When Klaus and Elijah insisted, Kol attempted to resist them but was subdued by Elijah, as Klaus pulled out a White Oak Ash Dagger. Kol struggled, panicked by the betrayal, and promised Klaus that a day would come when he would not be so easily subdued. Kol remained daggered when the family fled Europe and traveled to the New World. It was shown that Kol was actually neutralized at the time of the Original’s arrival in New Orleans.

Kol noticed Matt was wearing the Gilbert Ring, knowing that it would allow him to be on the Other Side temporarily but would bring him back. Matt, happy to hear he could see other people on the Other Side, wanted to find his sister, Vicki Donovan, but Kol had never heard of her. Matt’s mention of his sister caused Kol to look sad for a brief moment, possibly thinking of his own siblings. After Vicki got dragged away from the Other Side, Kol found a grieving Matt, telling him to stop grieving for someone who was already dead. Matt asked where she went but Kol didn’t know and hoped he never would.

Davina Claire

Although the spell is an effective one, Kol tried to lie and say it wasn’t because he was worried about the consequences of using it. As Davina is discovered and flees from the Ancestors’ realm, she realizes Kol’s attempt at deception for her protection. Kol holds the Ancestors off long enough for his girlfriend to escape. Throughout his life, Kol struggled emotionally with his status as the black sheep of the family, and the belief that his siblings considered him to be more of a nuisance than their own brother. He was shown to be rather spiteful and jealous over Marcel Gerard, whom he perceived was treated more like family than he ever was. As a result of this insecurity, Kol often lashed out violently which earned him a dangerous reputation and on occasion, the ire of his siblings.

He greets Davina, but she dismisses him, and tells her to leave, however, she doesn’t do so. As more werewolves come in, it is revealed that the owner is a vampire and according to the new rules of the city, they are sentenced to death. As the wolves attack him, Davina uses her powers to stop them, giving him time to escape. A young man comes up to her and after a few comments on her music taste, introduces himself as Kaleb.


Davina makes up her mind that she wants to become Regent of the nine covens in New Orleans. When Vincent offers Davina in replace for him for Regent they refuse as Davina has sided with vampires many times and that there is no stopping her from doing it again. Davina steps up and gives a speech about that she was sacrificed for her coven, and that she only sided with the vampires because it was the witches that was trying to kill her. She asks “who here has stood up against vampires?” As she was the only one who obviously had, the elders agreed to make her the next Regent. Later that night, Davina walks towards the center of the cemetery holding a torch in her right hand. She steps up on the altar and turns around facing the covens before giving a speech that the witches will no longer be used or afraid.

  • Why is taking the mark of the beast a damnable sin against God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob?
  • When Nate turned five years old, nate apk he attended kindergarten at P.S.
  • Incredibly sharp thanks to its impressive pixel density, and brighter than many of its competitors with up to 337 nits, this display was the star of the show when this tablet was announced in 2018.
  • Tijan’s books are some of my favourites, and I will say it time and time again.
  • She sees Josh and is happy to see him there, but Klaus shows up and unwillingly drags him.
  • In Red Door, Kol treated the unconscious Davina while Klaus waited at the door of the cabin.

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