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For example, prior to Catalina Photos on the Mac has very limited tools for making Memory Videos, the photo and video montages that you can create . We had heard that in Catalina there would more tools available for editing these movies on your Mac, but so far we haven’t found them. There are many other Apple apps getting an update in Catalina. In Photos there are some changes to how your snaps are showcased to you.

  • Which is pretty cool but the description of this paint job gave the answer I was looking for.
  • I have a sneaking feeling that Borderlands 3 is going to be one of the biggest releases of the year, bested only by the likes of Call of Duty and FIFA.
  • Granted, I still like those other games despite all that, but man is it nice to go back to the way www.facebooklogin things were for a title like Borderlands 3 before the live service trend began.
  • The passion I’m seeing for the return of this franchise is immense, and the fact that we seem to be at a low risk of a disaster launch, the way so many games in this genre get released, should only help its cause.

You will also be able to mute an overly active email thread so you aren’t notified every time someone replies. The Mac doesn’t always get the same features as Photos on iOS though.

The main issue is whether you are running old apps that won’t be supported in Catalina. It’s entirely possible that you never switched to the subscription plans favoured by the likes of Microsoft and Adobe, and are still using old versions of their apps. In that case, if you want Catalina then it’s probably time to bite the bullet and update everything. The arrival of the TV app is well timed since Apple’s going to be offering all that new programming in November. Apple Arcade is a boost to the Mac, but it’s a shame that the full library isn’t available.

It’s not just 32-bit apps that could be out in the cold too. Apple is putting an extra level of security in with regards to third-party apps. Where it used to be the case that all apps sold via the Mac App Store would have to ve notarised, as in signed by Apple, now all apps will have to be ‘signed’ by Apple before they can be installed. Nobody knows yet how this will play out, but it’s likely to be a source of frustation for developers who may decide it’s not worth the effort. However there are those who will still be using 32-bit apps that are no longer supported.

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Read about the apps that aren’t supported by Catalina here. Mail also gets some new features – on iOS and macOS – that will make it easier to keep on top of your inbox. You’ll be able to block emails from a particular sender – and move all their emails into the trash.

If you use Adobe Photoshop CS5 (which was actually available in 32-bit and 64bit versions), for example, that app will not work in Catalina. It’s time to upgrade to a newer version, or, if you just don’t want to sign up for a subscription version of the app, which is the case with Adobe and Microsoft apps these days, then find an alternative.

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There had been some concern about what this will mean to the music collections of Mac users. Luckily your iTunes library and all your meta data associated with it will be maintained .

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