I would ike to tell about 60 methods to Show Someone You Care

I would ike to tell about 60 methods to Show Someone You Care

November 20, 2016 by Gabriela Acosta

The USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck class of Social Perform invites you to definitely take part in You thing, a grassroots campaign made to foster wellbeing and bring back some much-needed individual connection. Make use of our Care Cards to inform somebody why they matter for you.

The objective of a Care Card would be to act as a random work of kindness — a note of love, friendship or admiration. The You thing campaign encourages individual connection and it is really a reminder that we’re all in this life together. You will never know exactly just just what somebody can be going right on through, and just checking in might have a huge effect on that person’s well-being. Take the time to inform somebody, “You thing,” by getting a Care Card today!

Listed here are 60 methods you can make use of a Care Card to inform some body they matter for you.

Peer Help

  • Thank a close buddy if you are here whenever times had been tough. (Example: You question Because…you let me cry on the neck.)
  • Show some body you appreciate them if you are a friend that is good.
  • Describe a time a tiny act made an impact. (instance: You question me soup whenever I ended up being unwell. because… you brought)
  • Provide somebody a match.
  • Inform somebody why their talent/skills motivate you.
  • Show your friend that is best why these are the BEST.
  • Highlight an unique trait. (instance: You situation me to accomplish exactly the same! because… you rock those red curls and encourage)

Family Admiration

Forward a Care Card to…

  • A sibling
  • A relative
  • A moms and dad
  • Aunts and uncles
  • Grand-parents
  • Close family members buddies


  • Inform anyone who has been bullied why they matter for you. (instance: You thing Because…you don’t let anyone modification who you really are, and that inspires me personally!)
  • Thank a close buddy for intervening or standing against bullies.
  • Thank a grown-up, instructor or staff user for assisting you to having a bully.
  • Thank buddy for paying attention and empathizing by what occurred.
  • Inform a classmate that has been bullied that you will be here for them.
  • Inspire a close friend who stopped bullying. (instance: You thing Because…you are attempting to be an improved individual.)

Mental Health

  • Inform some body why they generate your lifetime better.
  • Thank somebody in making a distinction that you know. (instance: You Matter Because…you taught me to be happy with whom i will be.)
  • Inform somebody they are loved by you.
  • Inform friend the way they have motivated you to definitely be a much better person. (instance: You situation Because…you influenced me personally to provide back again to our community.)
  • provide a close buddy a lift when they’re struggling.
  • Inform somebody why they truly are your hero.
  • Explain why you look as much as somebody.
  • Describe the impact some body is wearing you.
  • Inform somebody why you genuinely believe in them.
  • Inform somebody the way they rocked it.
  • Share why some body must be hopeful.
  • Inform somebody why their future is bright.

Public Provider Admiration

Show our general public servants why they generate a significant difference. Forward Care Cards to…

  • Instructors
  • Police
  • Army solution people and veterans
  • Firemen
  • Nurses
  • Staff at your college
  • Mentors and coaches
  • Coach motorists
  • Mail carriers

Thank You Cards

Thank some body for…

  • Making you’re feeling included
  • Encouraging you to definitely follow your desires
  • Training you a brand new ability
  • Standing for you personally
  • Leading an underlying cause near to your heart
  • Going far beyond to assist you

Random Acts of Kindness

  • Make a move good for some body and put in a message that is nice
  • Leave an additional tip that is big the meals server and inform them why their solution is outstanding.
  • browse a senior center and ask to listen to an senior person’s life story. Keep an email about why their life made a positive change.
  • Mow a neighbor’s lawn, rake their leaves, shovel a sidewalk and then leave an anonymous care card.
  • Send a Care Card to a senior one who happens to be an impact in your lifetime.
  • Write a page to a trained instructor whom influenced your daily life.
  • Get in touch with someone who has committed their life to your preferred cause. Let them know why it matters. (instance: You question Because…the work you will do ensures a healthier future for our planet earth.)
  • Whenever purchasing coffee, pay for anyone behind you. Hand them a Care Card and remind them why they matter.
  • Leave Care Cards at a bloodstream contribution center.
  • Inform somebody that which you notice about them. (instance: You situation Because…your self- self- self- confidence is dazzling!)
  • Reach out to a homeless person.
  • Offer a praise to complete stranger.
  • Tell somebody you admire them.

Help us spread the joy:

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Turn into a You Question Ambassador. Copy the text that is below your site post or embed our badge!:

I’m joining the YouMatter, motion! We pledge to utilize Care Cards to share with three individuals why they matter for me. Join the USC’s masters of social work system for a grassroots campaign that inspires peoples connection. Good Mental Health, Pass it on!

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