Fetlife and Collarspace Shenanigans. Regular audience with this blog site will surely recall that the is not in fact a fresh topic of conversation whatsoever.

Fetlife and Collarspace Shenanigans. Regular audience with this blog site will surely recall that the is not in fact a fresh topic of conversation whatsoever.

See, that is what the app is good for.

“Im maybe not racist but”

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Exposing corruption requires the capability to read patterns

There’s an appealing discussion occurring over on rolequeer blog named “Decolonizing Kink?” whereby a few folks who are tired of the overt racism alongside bigotry teeming from within the rotten core of this BDSM and fetish “community” are discussing what, if anything, can be carried out about it.

Pertaining to anyone people whose vision, ears, and various other senses are attuned to the type of thing, there are research of entirely grotesque, racist, sexist, homophobic, rape apologist, and ableist behaviors—to title just a couple general issues—emanating through the very cardio in the so-called “Safe, Sane, and Consensual” BDSM Scene. Off of the leading of my mind by yourself, i will remember:

  • A fetish club in Richmond, VA called Fallout thought it would be a smart idea to compose “nigger” to their pub walls for a post-apocalypse themed party. (Pro-tip: it is never best if you need racial slurs as celebration decorations.)
  • That period when FetLife creator JohnBaku produced a “Big dark Cock” joke, several from the ensuing topic on FetLife (notice how link just isn’t actually to FetLife, for reasons that’ll be obvious when you read on).
  • SADOMASOCHISM world “plantation retreats,” and is awkwardly defended in public by an Ebony lady known as Mollena Williams, who’s basically the Eric owner of SADOMASOCHISM Scene and recites party-line No Genuine Scotsman bullshit like “BDSM isn’t abuse” on cue together with the finest white supremacists. (Plantation Retreats are not just an American SADO MASO thing, because BDSM try a globalized and industrial social amor en linea app infrastructure, so they really can be found in britain, and.)
  • That time after SADO MASO society advised sexual attack subjects it’s almost all their fault, which it turns out just isn’t unusual.
  • That period whenever a Portland fabric club got compelled to cancel a Blackface overall performance. (Pro-tip: Never book Blackface performers.)
  • That period whenever a nationally celebrated SADO MASO instructor known as Mark Yu raped an enjoy lover, she uploaded about it on FetLife, have censored by FetLife’s “no naming abusers” policy, which motivated many different people to come forth, in addition they were all censored, as well, and then Franklin Veaux blogged regarding it. What happened to Level Yu? He was welcomed presenting at a national BDSM conference another season, ’cause, y’know, serial rape? No biggie.
  • “light scrap Luau” themed fetish celebration with rewards for the whitest-skinned contestant? Severely, you can’t make this crap upwards.

Today, if you are astonished by what number of situations I’ve merely detailed (and that I didn’t also try to mention all recent FetLife-involved murders!), there are two main likely details. 1st, you’re not really attending to, therefore most likely need. But next, even if you become attending to, it’s maybe not really easy to find completely about these occurrences, significantly less to really remember them all, even though you’ve existed provided that We have. And therefore’s no collision: the worst promotion occurrences like these create (and these events take place so consistently, and have now become taking place for a long time, they’re like clockwork—here’s another sample from 2009) tend to be earnestly stifled and spin-controlled by both SADO MASO community relations/lobbying communities such as the National Coalition for Sexual independence (aka. the NCSF, whose executive manager used to be employed by FetLife because their area supervisor) as well as BDSM Scene companies and organizations on their own. This includes FetLife.

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