Aubrey Marcus Podcast. The Aubrey Marcus Podcast is an illuminating discussion with mavens of psychological state, relationship, wellness, company and spirituality.

Aubrey Marcus Podcast. The Aubrey Marcus Podcast is an illuminating discussion with mavens of psychological state, relationship, wellness, company and spirituality.

Aubrey Marcus could be the creator associated with human being optimization and health kingdom Onnit, this new York Times bestselling composer of very own a single day (since the recommendations for real health insurance and psychological sovereignty) and Aubrey ended up being among the first general public voices meant for psychedelics and psychedelic medication within the podcast period. This podcast is unlike any kind of in the industry, combining vulnerability that is radical actionable philosophy. The point: to assist you live probably the most life that is fulfilling during a few of the most interesting times in history.

The most famous podcast episodes on the subject of psychedelics and psychedelic medication:Joe Rogan – #200 Choose Joe RoganTim Ferriss to your Struggle – #171 Crisis, Empathy, and Growth with Tim FerrissDuncan Trussell – #100 Dueling The Devilish Mind with Duncan Trussell

The essential podcasts that are popular the main topic of wellness:Paul Saladino (Carnivore MD) – #269 Why we Only Eat Meat with Dr. Paul SaladinoWim Hof – #278 bring your F’ing Power right back with Wim HofShawn Stevenson – #276 Masking The Real Health Crisis with Shawn Stevenson

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Probably the most podcasts that are popular the main topics love, sex, and relationship happen:Layla Martin – #241 Sex Your Way To supply with Layla Martin Vylana Marcus – #268 The Sound of like with Vylana MarcusMatthew Hussey – #246 Mastering Dating, Relationships, therefore the personal with Matthew Hussey

AMP #295 Light In The Darkest Places: The Justin Wren Tale

Justin Wren had been bullied relentlessly. He fought returning to claim their spot as a UFC Fighter, nevertheless the demons still haunted him. Personal hatred, exclusion, self-sabotage. He made attempts that are several end their life, but through a number of coincidences that may simply be referred to as divinely orchestrated, his time had not been done. Because the creator of Fight For The Forgotten, he has got devoted a lot of their life to serving water that is clean the Pygmy people when you look at the Congo. And over this previous 12 months, he’s become a pillar for the complement Service Fellowship. I’ve had the honor of watching his giant heart continue steadily to expand, and also this treasure of a human continue steadily to shine their light for the globe.

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AMP #294 Viking Spirituality & Magic with Kaedrich Olsen

Then you are pretty much like me if everything you know about the Vikings is from Netflix, and everything you know about Norse Mythology is from comic books. Until I paid attention to Kaedrich Olsen on a podcast. It had been I quickly noticed that (needless to say!) there clearly was a far richer story become told, that included some extremely profound teaching that is spiritual also some interesting magical techniques. On the way we set a number of the record that is historical, and dive into some practical miracle techniques like the usage of runes, tones, and sigils. This podcast will alter whatever you thought you knew about Vikings, offer you a new viewpoint on mystical truth, and provide you with some damn good tales to inform your peeps

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