9 Totally Free Graphic Design Program For Windows 7 That Can Be Modified By The User In This Fall

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Registry Mechanic is one of the most popular registry cleaner software which can be used for fixing the registry errors. In this article, I have given some information about the Registry Mechanic. Running the Registry Cleaner- To run the Registry cleaner, click on the ‘Scan for issues’ button.

This is actually another way for you to make sure that you are going to remove the right files. Now, here is a guide for you on how to use the iMyMac Cleaner for you to start freeing up space on your Mac and as well as for you to speed up its performance. So, if you are actually one of those people who actually still keep the CCleaner, then you must consider on going through all of your files and just choose all the things that you would want to remove. This is a better way rather than just simply running the CCleaner to clean out all the junks that you have on your Mac.


You can use this option directly to run the cleaner but it is safe to use it after you have acquainted yourself with the program and its features. If you are not that sure in using the CCleaner on your Mac for you to remove all the files and documents that you no longer need, then we have the best alternative tool that you can use. The iMyMac Cleaner us very much safe to use and you will not have any problems or errors in using this.

After installation, you can open CCleaner by making double-click on the CCleaner desktop icon or by making right-click on the recycle bin icon and selecting the option ‘Open CCleaner’. There is a ‘Run CCleaner’ option if you right click on the recycle bin.

  • What’s more, there are plenty of designs online that rely on fonts as the central part of the design.
  • The WhatFontIs tool is an online tool that lets you identify fonts either by uploading an image or entering a URL Imo Windows 10 where the font is located.
  • The tool has an extensive catalogue of + commercial and free fonts and uses font finder AI to identify fonts.
  • We all know that a font choice can make or break your final design.

After backing up the registry, click on ‘Fix selected issues’ and the issues will be fixed. If you want any item, then you can restore the registry backup by making a right click on the back up file and selecting Merge option. When you click on the cleaner navigation button, there are two tabs namely Windows and Applications.

By clicking on the windows tab, you can check and uncheck options. You can decide which options you want to include and which options you want to exclude in the cleaning process. Be careful while selecting ‘Advanced options’ under ‘Windows tab’. If you do not know about these options, then leave them unchecked. In the ‘Applications tab’, you will find additional cleaning options for the third party applications installed.

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